Takedowns will bring you back stronger

Takedowns will bring you back stronger

Maybe I have to tell the story behind these words. Cause it`s not to catch your attention but maybe to inspire someone to never give in.

In 2005 I felt in love with KungFu. It just became my big passion and balanced my life best. I trained a lot and became kinda successful. Then the first incident happened. I broke my ankle. But it was not so painful or difficult to handle. After 6 weeks I started training again and everything looked good. But the leg was weak after wearing 6 weeks a gypsum. So another injury happened 2007. This time it was much more complicated. My knee just crashed. I needed surgery and it depressed me. `Cause when you are used to give 150% at training and really had loved it, just lying down for 4 Weeks is hell! I lost my passion.
The door just closed and I am never able to go through that door again. Not because I am physically not able to do it, but the head just can`t take it anymore. I was scared to fail again.

So I worked a lot. But I felt something was missing. With the love of my life I found a new possibility to awake my passion again. Tricking. I really wanted it so hardly but the time was little. So as I found the courage to set training over everything else I crashed my other knee 2013. That felt depressing… I needed surgery again. And I lost all my faith in me and my abilities. I failed again, my body failed again although I wanted it so badly.

I asked my Boyfriend: “Why is this happening to me? Am I such a bad person? Did I deserve this much pain?“ And he said: “No, it`s because you are so strong! Nobody deserves it…” I thought I could not take it any longer. Another door has closed. With my Boyfriend on my side I learned to stand up again.
We went through a tough time. And now I am willing to fight. I want to do sports cause without it I am uncompleted. The pain made me stronger. Now I know better what`s good for me and my body. I will take my destiny in my own hands and decide by myself if I am able to do something or not!

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