these moments…


By reading Franka Potente’s „Zehn“ (Ten, like the number – 10 shortstories, which taking place in Japan) in a small adorable café at potsdamer platz I realized how precious these rare moments in my life are. Living in Berlin can freak you out sometimes. It’s like living in a big tornado. So many things to do, so many people to meet, so much to take care of… You hurrying from one job to another, from one appointment to the next meeting. Sometimes you can get exhausted by all the trouble, but there won’t be no escape if you are not able to slow yourself down every once in awhile.
The clear and straightforward style of Franka’s writing confirms with my imagination of japanese people. Despite her simple explanations of totally ordinary moments she makes me feel like being with those people. Standing next to them, watching without any prejudices, curious how they solve their problems with their cultural background.
Raindrops slide down the smooth surface of the window when I look outside. The window is beautifully decorated with plants in cups and jars.
And just for a moment the pull of my everyday-tornado stopps. All the noise is blended out. My thoughts fly to the sky, oust the grey clouds. In this rare moments you feel alive and you feel how precious life is. Don’t compare to others. Don’t fake anything. Just try to stop for a moment and breath once in a while to don’t get lost in your personal troublesome tornado which you call life.




please don’t see the mistakes in this text, just the message.

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